MINDEN, nebraska


If the perfect small town exists, it just might be Minden.

If you could sit down at a drawing board to design the perfect small town, what would you include? Maybe you’d start with a superb education system, then add in gracious and affordable homes. You’d want to make sure you had a prosperous manufacturing sector so there would be good jobs and a sound economy, then perhaps you’d want to add some interesting retail enterprises on wide, safe streets. You’d want to make sure to design in a strong sense of community, with a lot of citizen participation in community decisions, quality healthcare facilities and nearby opportunities for camping, hunting and fishing. You’d place it close enough to commute to both college and university campuses, and not too far from sports entertainment such as basketball and hockey. Then maybe you’d top it all off with a beautifully restored community theater and an imposing historic courthouse in the town square.

Minden, NE

Image republished from Wikimedia Commons.

Minden High School

A School System to Envy

Minden Public Schools with the community, strives to develop productive and responsible citizens through an environment that empowers them to seek, understand, and appreciate learning, speaks to our goal of equipping our children with the academic and social skills that they need to be successful citizens now and in the future.

Minden Public Schools currently serves 860 students and families. We have a dedicated and caring staff whose main concerns are for the safety, welfare, and education of the children we serve. We are very proud of our students, families, and staff members and the learning opportunities they experience together each and every day.

A Treasured History Mixes With Present-Day Pride

Pride in the community also shows itself in the Minden Opera House, an elegantly restored theater that provides a stage for professional entertainment, an art gallery and gracious rooms for receptions.

“We value our heritage and preserve our historical buildings,” Wilcox says. “The Minden Opera House and the Minden Courthouse in the square are among the sites we treasure. Our courthouse was built over 100 years ago, but it’s been upgraded with sprinkler systems, an elevator and all the other necessities for a modern building. When the courtroom was restored, we retained the original design features and the atmosphere of a courtroom of the 1800s.”

Community pride is also evident in the summer flowers that spill from window boxes and decorate street corners around the town square. Local horticultural societies plant and care for garden plots on public sections in the town.

Above information about Minden courtesy of Nebraska Rural Living.

Minden Opera House

Image courtesy of Minden Opera House.

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